Thursday, March 10, 2011


We started today's class by checking our homework. We made sure that we understood all of the questions and got all the right answers. Then Mr.Cope handed out a review packet for quiz 8.1-8.3 quiz. The quiz is tomorrow. REMEMBER WE ARE NOT ABLE TO USE OUR CAS CALCUL ATOR ON THE QUIZ!!

Here are some resources:
-You can look on Moodle for
1. Chapter 8 homework answers
2. Chapter 8 notes
3. 8.1-8.3 review key
4. You are also able to access the online textbook

-In the textbook
1.Page 516- Page 536 is lesson 8.1-8.3
2.Page 574- Page 577 is the review section.

Sorry...This is not one of my best sections. I'm still reviewing. Next post will be better!!

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