Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review for ch8 quiz

Today we went over the homework, assignment 8.6, pretty solid assignment not to bad. But reviewing the homework was different because we used the reverse color thing on the elmo! Then we got a review that we went over quickly, just the pointers from each section that we should know for tomorrow. We had the rest of the class to do the review worksheet, the usual work with a partner/ listen to your ipod. So basically just the typical review day.

Some quick reminders for tomorrow's quiz:
- when u have a square root in the denominator of a fraction you want to move it to the top. So multiply the square root on the bottom to each numerator and denominator of the fraction. Also remember that simplifying first may be easier than doing at the end.

-If you are having trouble with the cube root or the forth root stuff remember to just write it out then group them.

-Don't forget the geometric mean! Multiply each number then depending on how many numbers there are in the set use that number root then the number all the numbers multiplied up to.

If you have any more questions you could:
-email Mr. cope (
-review the note key on moodle (
-get the answers from review sheet (

Hope this helped! Good luck tomorrow and Happy St. Patty's day :)

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  1. Today in class we started the lesson 8.6, which I found to be quite easy but some rules remain a mystery to me. The notes sheet began with a main idea for the chapter. Although personally I didn’t care, I realized that this was a lot easier than the original method used back in the day, since everyone back then did not have the miracle that is CAS. Now, on to some examples. The section’s broad overview was finding out how to get the radical out of the denominator, so one of the examples was this:
    • R= radical in this case, since I don’t know how to do the symbol.
    So, what we were taught was that the first step is to multiply both sides of the equation by r2, Leaving us with this:
    Now, since we know we can simplify the r4 in this equation, we change it to 2 and… you’re done! Hooray! Now you might ask “But Alec, can we simplify this even more?” The answer is not, because you cannot simplify 3/2 anymore, or 3r2 is at its simplest form, so there you go. If you can understand this example, then you have pretty much learned the lesson, but what if there’s another number in the denominator? Welll, now its time to get funky!
    Another example that is on the moodle key is this:
    So now not only do we have to solve the problem for the radical, but we have another number in there as well.
    SO here’s the few first steps:
    The answer is ½ times negative 2r5. Now how did I get there? Well after we FOIL, we get all these numbers on top and bottom, but 2 and 4 turn in to one half, and since we cant do anything with the radical, it stays that way.
    So yea that was pretty much the lesson, and if you need any more help on the lesson, here is the moodle key.
    I’m out


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