Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 03, 2011

It has been yet another wonderful day in Mr.Cope's second period Advanced Algebra class.
First we started our day off by getting a homework quiz, which usually either helps your grade or hurts it. Along with going over our partner quizzes, that were not so phenomenal according to Mr.Cope and the would not count for points, so hurray for those who did not so great. We then received our very structured and helpful Chapter 7 review sheet that we did in class, and Mr.Cope so kindly reminded us that we should access Moodle, that has many helpful resources, such as extra copies of our green cards that we are allowed to use for tomorrow's Chapter 7 test, and there are also review sheets and answers on Moodle for those that are interested.

Don't forget to study for our Chapter 7 test tomorrow, :)
Good luck.

btw, Mikaela your next.

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