Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A couple days ago we took the chapter 7 test. This test consisted of two parts: a no calc. section but we were able to use our "green cards" and then a calculator section.

In preparation for this test we had a review sheet the day before. This review sheet first discussed what would be on the no calc. part: it went over power functions, geometric sequences with recursive,explicit formula and domain and range. Also on the review sheet Mr. Cope gave us practice problems that required us to use properties of powers with negative and fractional exponents. On the back of the sheet it discussed the calculator part of the test: topics it covered were compound interest,word problems, and using properties of powers with numbers not on the "green card".
If you had trouble with any of these topics or problems remember you can always refer to moodle or your notes from class.

Something I recommend when we are reviewing before the test that you(Mr.cope) actually discuss and go over it with us in class rather than us just doing it ourselves and making us go on moodle if we want to check our answers because im a sure most of us forget and just wing it on the test not even knowing if we did the problems correctly.

And as far as the test goes I don't think there should be a no calc. part because the majority of the quiz's you gave us for this chapter were no calc. and us as students tend to not do as well on them, therefore bringing down our scores. but overall the test was ok, I just wish I had more review and better assistance from the teacher.

mikaela allmon

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