Thursday, April 14, 2011

10.4 (Day 2)

We learned about more Unit Cricle and Radians on 4/8/11

Radian is..
the angle created by a radius along the circumference of a circle.


To convert from radians to degrees: multiply by 180/ㅠ

To convert from degrees to radians: multiply by ㅠ/180

For example,

11ㅠ/ 7

It's radian, so you multiply 180/ㅠ = 282.9 degrees

If you convert degrees to radians, then you leave ㅠ(pie) in answer

I can't put any images on here, because it doesn't work for me.

But, if you want to see completed Unit circle, go to

Based on 30-60-80 traingle and 45-45-90 tirangle,

you can find out the cosine and the sine of angle of unit circle.

For example,

30' has cosine of square root 3 over 2

You can get this by knowing 30-60-90 triangle

cosine is adj/hyp.

SO! it is squre root 3 over 2.

sine of 30' is 1/2.

sine is opp/hyp

So! it is 1/2

It's same way with 45-45-90 triangle.


In Unit circle,

1 & 2 quadrants is sine POSITIVE.

2& 3 quadrants is cosine NEGATIVE.

you have to becareful of this

-Michelle S.

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