Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 5, 2011 Period 2 Adv. Algebra, Lesson 10.2

Hello period 2 Advanced Algebra, I'm here to talk about lesson 10.2 that went down in class on April 5. 10.2 (More Right Triangle Trigonometry) was a lesson composed of Inverse Trig Functions, and how to find the measure of a given angle using the inverse of a trig function.

Trig Functions

Inverse Trig Functions

We use the inverse trig functions to solve for an angle.

I.E. if two sides to a right triangle are 9,14. Then you can find the measure of the other two angles by using the inverse of cosine for one angle and the inverse of sine for the other angle.
For angle A, you would plug into the calculator, Cos^1(9/14) and the outcome would be 50. That is your angle measure. You would continue this with the inverse of sine for angle B.

If you are given a right triangle and two sides you can find the rest of the angles using inverse trig functions.

For more information from class just go to moodle and go to Ch. 10 notes and click on 10.2 and you're there.
-Mike s.

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