Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Multiplying Polynomials

Hello class unfortunately I forgot to this blog the night i was assigned to but here is what we learned in section 2 of chapter 11.
We first started out by classifying polynomials by the number or terms
  • Monomial- polynomial with one term (ex. 10 or 14x)
  • Binomial- polynomial with two terms (ex. x+2 or 4x^4-7x)
  • Trinomial- polynomial with three terms (ex. x+2+3x^2)
After getting a little off task with the usual 10-15 minute discussion we began examples on the back page of the notes.
(-y+6)(y^4+2y^2-3) first you must foil it by hand which we learned in some older chapters. when you foil that you get -y^6-2y^4+3y^2+6y^4+12y^2-18... then after you reduce that all down you end with -y^6+4y^4+15y^2-18.
But if you would rather not go through all that fun you can simply type it in to your calculator and get the answer fully reduced and without straining yourself in the slightest.

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