Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chapter Eight Review!

On March twenty-third, we reviewed for the upcoming chapter eight test. The previous night's homework was 8.8, so first in class we reviewed that. 8.8 wasn't too hard, but I had some questions about number twelve and number fourteen was on a homework quiz. Next we worked on a worksheet to help us review. Some of the main concepts were simplifying fractions such as number six on the worksheet (for some reason my computer isn't letting me copy/paste from the symbol website >:( )How to do this is to take the complex conjugate of the denominator and multiply both parts of the fraction by it, foil, and solve from there. Another key idea is simplifying multiple-variable nth roots. (such as numbers 15-20 on the worksheet) This is done using the "Jailbreak" method (reference section 8.5). Another concept is solving for all real solutions (numbers 7-11) this isn't too hard, we've been solving for a variable since pre-algebra, but note that for example if you had the fourth root of x that equals ten, you would multiply each to the fourth power and solve from there. Also watch negatives, they might lead to undefined results. A rule to know is that a negative number will never have a real solution if it is to an even root. If it does, it will be undefined. The homework for the day was to do section 8R3, numbers 1-12 and 17-21. Happy spring break!

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